MAYR Brakes for Theatre Industry

Drive Systems supplies Mayr Brakes for new theater application.

The quietest brake on the market – for more info – take a look here.

The quietest safety brake
Due to a newly developed noise damping unit, the ROBAstop-silenzio is the quietest safety brake on the market, even in its standard version.

In new condition, the noise level is < 50 dB(A) (sound pressure level measurement). This value lies well below the noise level of the mounted drive elements such as e.g. motor and gearbox. Further noise reduction is possible with a certain amount of extra work. Speak to us! We can assist with your request as far as noise levels are concerned. The quietest brakes in the market.

Simple installation
The compact design as well as the single-part toothed hub ensures simple handling and installation. The working air gap is pre-set and needs no re-adjustment. This means that malfunctions due to operating and adjusting mistakes can be ruled out.

Release monitoring
On request, we are able to fit the ROBA-stop-silenzio with a release monitoring for function checks on both brakes, ensuring
the highest possible system and personal safety.

The ROBA-stop-silenzio is mainly maintenance-free. The maintenance work is limited to an inspection of the friction
linings. These friction linings, however, are extremely wear resistant, and have a very long lifetime.


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