ROBA Stop Silenzio

The quietest safety brake for elevator and stage drives

  • Dual-circuit brake as redundant brake system with very short constructional length
  • Installation of microswitches for function monitoring possible
  • Microswitch or proximity switch can be mounted for release monitoring
  • Simplest possible installation
  • No air gap adjustment necessary
  • Consistently low noise level for several hundred thousand switching actions

ROBA-stop®-silenzio ®
Reliable dual circuit brake in accordance with DGUV
Rule 115-002 (previously BGV C1), DIN 56950-1,
EN 81-A3 and other international standards

The quietest safety brake

High operational safety

Simple installation

Safe choice due to large type and size variety

Brake monitoring for maximum safety

The ROBA-stop®-silenzio®
Safety brakes are configurable for comprehensive brake monitoring. They can guarantee maximum operational and functional safety due to the permanent monitoring of the brake condition and the optimisation of the friction system:

  • safe brake control
  • conditioning of the friction linings
  • refreshing of the friction linings
  • fail-safe release monitoring for checking the switching
  • condition of the brake
  • wear inspection of the friction linings
  • monitoring and evaluation of the friction system temperature
  • static and dynamic braking torque tests

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