Yes we do Grid Couplings…………and BIG ones!!

Drive Systems is the Australian & New Zealand Distributor for CMD Winflex Grid Couplings.  We stock both the DG Series(also known as Falk T10) and also a vertical steel cover version.

We recently supply one of our loyal mining customer a large CMD Winflex Grid coupling bored and keyed with shaft of 220mm & 200mm and with a torque rating of 120,000Nm.

This is still a baby coupling compared to the CMD S300 coupling recently supplied to the mining customer rated at 540,000Nm and bore of 360mm

Drive Systems stocks comprehensive range of the CMD Winflex Couplings in both the DG(T10) and the Winflex T series(vertyical steel covers).

CMD Winflex Grid are not your average grid member:

  • The grid always works in the direction of the material, within its elastic field.
  • A new surface treatment prevents oxidation, friction and wear.
  • The grid has been manufactured to ensure durability
    • Chrome vanadium grid member to ensure optimum strength
    • Heat treated
    • Shot peened to prevent fatigue and stress corrosion failure and to prolong grid life

Removable Tooth Rings

Larger size Winflex Grd Couplings come with the replaceable Tooth Ring.  This allow the re-use of the hubs by just replacing the work grid teeth on the hub when the time comes.

  • Less wight of parts being replaced
  • 40% cheaper than replacing the complete hub
  • Less time

Drive Systems is growing a reputation in the Australian Power Transmission industry as the go-to people for engineered couplings as we have the knowledge and the stock.

We cover all  industries including mining, pulp & paper, oil & gas for example and have couplings for all type of applications from Ball & SAG Mills, pump systems, fans, diesel engine drives, winches & conveyors to name a few.

Need couplings……..need big couplings, better call Drive Systems.





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