Mechanical digital position indicators

SIKO position indicators are the attractive solution for the control and display of measured values
Original SIKO counters for mounting directly onto adjustment axes.

Position values can be gathered with high precision and easily read.

With its mechanical digital displays, or DA for short, SIKO offers an original and sophisticated product line. The highly customizable, functional concept is known the world over, and its interplay of variable gear ratios and counters that can be configured on a modular basis is unique. The position indicators from the DA range constitute a further development of analog handwheel technology. However, the “Nonius’’, a type of precision measuring gage on handwheel indicators, can only display the values of one spindle revolution. But what if several revolutions have to be documented?


  • High service life thanks to continuous development
  • Clear and precisely controllable digital display values
  • Modifiable displays thanks to custom-made transformation ratios
  • Problem-free and cost-efficient retrofittability
  • Easy mounting thanks to hollow shaft snap-on technique

Product Type


  • 10mm hollow shaft
  • Plastic housing
  • 3 Decade


  • 14mm hollow shaft
  • Plasic housing
  • 4 decades

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