Magnetic rings

MagLine magnetic rings for rotative measuring tasks

Magnetic rings are magnetically coded plastic tapes designed for measuring angles, rotational speeds or velocities. They belong to the MagLine Roto product family for rotative magnetic measurement.

Attach the magnetic strip, then encode

Measurement of rotational movement makes specific demands. In spite of the fact that rotation and swivel motion are standard applications in mechanical engineering, they are a challenge for measuring system manufacturers. At SIKO the magnetically encoded measuring strips are available in two versions; as flexible magnetic rings without a flange or bonded with a magnetic ring (flange). When bonded with the ring, joints cannot be avoided that can cause measurement inaccuracies. To prevent this, SIKO has set up its own ring production in which the magnetic strip is first applied and then incrementally encoded. With the manufacturing quality of the magnetic rings, up to 360 degree measurement is possible.

Customized magnetic rings

In addition to a portfolio of its own rings, SIKO also offers customized options. With large quantities, SIKO can also encode your own rings.

Criteria for the selection of a magnetic ring

The following factors are decisive for the selection of a suitable magnetic ring for your application:

  • The required size (outside diameter)
  • The number of pulses/rotation
  • The accuracy class
  • The number of poles on the magnetic ring   / magnetic strip ring
  • Application of a reference point: Yes or no


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