Electronic digital position indicators


Electronic digital position indicators

Electronic position indicators for exact adjustment control of spindles

Freely programmable absolute position indicators, also with bus interface for specification of target value or transmission of actual value.

Wide array of position indicators for spindles and axes

Mechanical position indicators are already used on many axes or spindles to display position values. From a formal perspective, Electronic digital position indicators are a logical further development of their mechanical counterparts. Both variants of the position indicators (mechanical or electronic) belong to the product line PositionLine: Position indicators. Thanks to comparable external dimensions and the trusted attachment principle on the shaft, it only takes a few minutes to convert the mechanical spindle display to a spindle positioning system that can be programmed electronically.


  • Freely programmable display values (spindle pitch, sense of rotation and decimal place)
  • Linear or angular mode
  • Reset function
  • Display of positive and negative values
  • High display accuracy
  • Easy battery change Mechanically compatible with mechanical position indicators

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