EAS HTL (Housed Torque Limiter)

The torque limiting clutch integrated into IEC and NEMA housings.

  • Backlash-free torque limiting clutch
  • Integrated limit switch
  • Ratcheting, synchronous and overload designs
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Standardised IEC B5 Motor/Gearbox fitment
  • IEC 63 B5 > IEC315 B5 available as standard(Larger IEC Frames sizes available upon request)
  • 2Nm to 2400Nm Torque Capacity


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Mayr EAS-HTL_16_09_2015 27/02/2018 2.38 MB
Mayr HTL IOM_Type 490._4.0 27/02/2018 535.86 KB
Mayr_HTL IOM_Sizes 02-3 27/02/2018 99.14 KB
Drive Systems_EAS-HTL Size 180-3 Type 490.625.0_20180227091221168 27/02/2018 231.67 KB

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