Winflex T Grid Coupling

Winflex T is a flexible grid coupling, 100% steel made.

Torque from 90 Nm up to 800 kNm for shaft diameters from 28 up to 550 mm.

Winflex couplings:
the best cost-effective and reliable solution, years of use to achieve and to prove this fully optimised coupling!

The hub
• Thanks to the very special design of the teeth, the contact surface between the grid and the hub teeth increases proportionally to the torque to keep the same contact pressure at any time.
• As contact is on numerous teeth, this efficiently absorbs the torque thus avoiding damage.
• No resulting reaction forces on shafts

The grid
• The grid always works in the direction of the material, within its elastic field.
• A new surface treatment prevents oxidation, friction and wear.
• The grid has been manufactured to ensure durability.

Normal Loads                                          Heavy Shocks                                            Excessive Overloads


Winflex Replaceable Hub Tooth Rings

Unique to the Winflex range is the replaceable Tooth Ring set up for size 28 / 43 / 70 / 95

This allows the removal of only the worn parts during maintenance: Tooth Rings and Grids.  Eliminating the expensive replacement of hubs for no reason.



  • Cost analysis show a reduction on average of 38% in change out costs compared to standard hub coupling.
  • Tooth rings kits comprising two rings and replacement grids are 85-89% lighter than standard hubs and grid kits.
  • Massive savings in transport cost.
  • Reduced Occupational Health and Safety risked .

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