MAYR Disc Couplings for 560kW Pump Drive

Drive Systems was recently commissioned to design the coupling set up for two 560kW pump drives to be used in power generation.

Couplings were supplied to one of Australia leading pump engineering companies who were looking for couplings suitable for arduous applications while being virtually maitenance free.

Pumps were for a power station in NSW.  The pumps will transfer fly ash from a new storage dam to a settling pond several kilometres away.  The pumps are 14×12 heavy-duty slurry pumps driven by 560kW 6-pole motors through a single stage reduction gearbox (pumps will be running at speeds between 485 and 630rpm via a VSD).

For this Drive Systems utilised Mayr Roba DS Disc couplings for the high speed side between the electric motor and gearbox.  Mayr’s Roba DS size 1400 twin double jointed disc coupling 951 series.

Capable of a nominal torque of 15,000Nm and peak torque of 22,500Nm

On the output side between gearbox and pump a specially designed Esco FSHFS155 double engagement gear coupling was used with increase axial capability.

The slurry pumps have a sliding bearing assembly which allows adjustment of the impeller clearance however this results in the gearbox to pump DBSE being variable, hence the need for the sliding gear coupling.

Drive Systems can provide engineering support in all pump drive application with our huge range of couplings.  To find out more please contact us

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