Worm (Square bodied)

Drive Systems  can select and supply a range of worm and helical worm gearmotors and reducers from leading global manufactures.

Available in aluminium and cast iron from leading Italian manufacturers.

  • Varvel
  • Rossi
  • Hydromec

Square bodied aluminium and cast iron work boxes give flexability in mounting positions to suit your applications.

Available with a range mounting options which include

  • Hollow shaft mounting with torque arm
  • Single or double low speed shafts
  • Flange mounted
  • Available with standard IEC standard B5 or B14 motor flanges.
  • Can be supplied as reducers(solid input shaft)

Increase efficiency and greater ratios can be obtained by combining a helical gear stage mounted to the worm gearbox.

Our key focus is ensuring the right gearbox is supplied for your application.  Taking into considerations such things as application, work loads, duty cycles, environmental factors, ease of installation and replacement.

We look at the complete package:  Electric motor, VSD, gearbox, torque protection devices and accessories such as shaft couplings, belt and chain drives that may also be fitted to the gearbox.

Let Drive Systems do the selections for you.

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