ROBA Quick

Electromagnetic, energise to engage pole face brakes

  • Exact positioning over the entire service lifetime
  • Safe function up to wear limit
  • High braking torque security due to optimised magnetic circuit
  • High performance density
  • Low magnetic leakage flux
  • Short switching times
  • Low-noise operation


Your advantages when using electromagnetic
ROBA®-quick brakes and
ROBA®-takt clutch brake modules

Easy integration into your machine:
The optimised magnetic circuit minimises the magnetic leakage flux.
The high performance density and torque security based on it allow
compact dimensions and an easy integration in your construction.

High reliability and operational safety:
The switching behaviour is constant during the entire service
lifetime. Therefore, the positioning accuracy and reliability of the
clutches or brakes respectively and herewith the operational safety
of your machine are increased.

Less operating expenses and maintenance charges:
The large friction surface and the smooth switching behaviour
increase the wear resistance. Therefore, the clutches and brakes
are maintenance-free until wear limit of the friction surfaces. There
is no re-adjustment work and the resulting operational interruptions.
Therefore, the operating expenses and maintenance charges are
very low.

Increase of productivity:
Short switching times allow high switching frequencies and increase
the productivity of your machine.

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