Rexnord Omega Coupling

The genuine and original Rexnord Omega polyurethane couplings offer users the unique ability to install a virtually maintenance free coupling.

Drive Systems only supplies complete genuine Rexnord Omega parts which ensure our customers have a 100% warranty.  No copies, no cheap imitations, just 100% genuine Rexnord.

Omega couplings offer the ability of users to use a coupling that can be change out without disturbing any shafts lines(for example the electric motor and pump shafts).

This ensures minimal downtime and manpower as coupling elements can be changed out in a fraction of the time of conventional couplings.

  • Horizontally split polyurethane flexible element
  • Torsionally soft
  • Non lubricated
  • No wearing parts
  • Good axial, angular and radial misalignment capabilities
  • Taper lock and straight bore hubs
  • Shaft capacity 229mm
  • Torque rating 38,442Nm

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