• Self Adjusting
  • Belt Protection
  • Energy Saving
  • Maintenance Free

The RESATEC-MW 8 is the universal motor base for friction belt drives of 7.5 to 45 kW motors.

  • Equipped with two integrated axle stabilizers
  • Robust and maintenance free pre-tensioning device and a screw head bracket for simple and safe one-man installation
  • Mounting holes for all motor housing sizes (IEC160M-225M) already provided
  • Guarantees the optimal belt tension at any time


  • The replacement time of the V-belt is reduced by 50 %. No realignment of the drive pulleys when changing belts.
  • Up to four times longer belt life due to correct tension.
  • Less operational interruptions and protection of the pulleys, bearings and motor axles.
  • Less energy consumption through perfectly tensioned V-belts.
  • Accident prevention through safe and easy handling.
  • All parts galvanized.
  • Absolutely maintenance-free.


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