Stainless steel worm gear motor with AMSS series servomotor. Torques up to 18Nm. 30 mm wheelbase.

MOTOR: Brushless three-phase 4-pole motor, totally enclosed. Rotor with NdFeB magnets. Thermal cutoff. Winding Class H. Protection IP69K in compliance with IEC/EN 60529 standards. 2-Pole resolver feedback. Bearings with reduced backlash with special grease and high-temperature rubber seal rings. Easy and quick to clean thanks to the smooth surface design. Power 94 to 180 W.

GEAR UNIT: worm gear unit with stainless steel gearcase. 30 mm centre distance. Bronze crown. The worm is made of tempered steel, with ground thread. Seal rings in special high-temperature rubber. Lubrication with special long-lasting oil for use with foodstuffs (H1). There are 9 available gear ratios (i), from 5 to 80. Rated torque up to 17.8 Nm.

Version B3 – B14.

Designed as per EHEDG hygiene guidelines requirements.

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