Optibelt VB S=C PLUS

Classical V-belts, DIN 2215

Due to its multitude of application possibilities, the optibelt VB is the classical model amongst the drive belts. The qualities of this product come into their own when dealing with difficult drives in agricultural machines just as well as when dealing with extraordinary drive solutions, for example with V-flat drives in machine construction.

Optibelt VB classical V-belts are S=C PLUS and are therefore unmeasured and can be used in sets. As the classical V-belt, the optibelt VB is used in many areas of the general machine construction sector as well as being used for special drives.


  • Excellent operational safety
  • Optimal running characteristics
  • Equal power transmission
  • Abrasion-resistant cover fabric
  • Multiple special designs
  • Universal usage possibilities


5; Y/6; Z/10; A/13; B/17; 20; C/22; 25; D/32; E/40


190 to 12,500 mm standard range further sizes on request

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