Timing belts – open-ended, extruded polyurethane

Open-ended optibelt ALPHA LINEAR timing belts are made of extruded, thermoplastic polyurethane with tension cords parallel to the edges. The belts are dimensionally stable and their precise positioning makes them ideal for use in linear drive systems.

It is also possible to apply transparent polyurethane (with a hardness of 85 Shore A), T2, yellow PU foam or other materials directly to the belt in an additional downstream extrusion process.

The optibelt ALPHA LINEAR timing belt can also be given a thin fabric covering on the tooth side in order to reduce friction and noise. Fabric can also be applied to the belt back


  • High tensile strength with low elongation
  • High-precision positioning
  • ATL version timing belts for linear drives


  • Also available with polyamide fabric on the tooth side and/or belt back
  • PU also available with FDA approval for food contact
  • Colouring to customer’s specification on request


T5; T10; T20
AT5; AT10; AT20
ATL5; ATL10; ATL20
5M; 8M; 14M; 14ML
XL; L; H; XH
F2; F 2.5; F3; FL3

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