Mechanical & Hydrostatic Speed Variators


Hydrostatic Speed Variator

Var-Spe technology is based on the principle of hydrostatic transmission: it consists of two units, i.e., a variable displacement pump and a fixed displacement hydraulic motor, both with radial pistons.

The input shaft transmits the constant speed of the upstream motor to a series of pistons that compress and expand the oil inside the cylinders. By varying the oil flow rate and pressure, the speed of rotation transmitted to the output shaft is varied as well


  • High torque even at low revolutions: thanks to the high pressures that can be reached
  • Wide range of speed variation: from zero to that of the electric motor
  • Possibility of operating in aggressive environments: water, dust, temperature, acid
  • Long service life: there are no friction elements and the components are less subject to wear since they are always lubricated
  • Reliability: the speed adjustment is always precise even after many years because it is done by modifying the stroke of the pistons
  • Cost-effectiveness: long life cycle for the connected components (there is no stress on the electric motor because it is always running at the same speed)
  • Simplicity: Adjustment is simple and intuitive, no programming is needed, and it is easy to install and start


Dry friction speed variator-Series VR

The mechanical speed variators are designed according to a proven system that provides strict quality control at every stage of production. The goal is to provide the customer with a variable speed drive that is both reliable and easy to assemble, in respect of what the safety regulations are in many different areas (potentially explosive atmosphere, food & beverage and so on).

Main use: speed changers for general purpose, medium and fractional power drives. Dry friction and fully sealed enclosure allow reliable, service free and safe installations.

Range: 4 sizes; housings and covers of aluminium die cast for sizes 63 and 71, of cast iron for sizes 80 and 90. Variators with output flanges, according to standard IEC sizes, to plug in the various helical and worm/wheel units

Max output torque:  25Nm

Power: 0.09kW > 1.5kW

Variation range: 1÷5


Planetary speed variator-Series VS

Main use: speed variators for general purpose, medium and fractional power drives. Planetary type and fully sealed enclosure allow reliable, service free and safe installations.

Range: 6 sizes; combination of independent drives Variators VR with gearboxes inline and right angle gearboxes.

Max output torque:  64Nm

Power: 0.22kW > 4kW

Variation range: 1÷5

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