Winflex DG Grid Coupling

CMD of France is a global leader in the manufacture of couplings and draws on over 100 years of manufacturing and technical experience in the manufacture of high torque metallic flexible couplings.

Winflex DG Taper Grid Couplings are manufactured to the highest quality, manufacturing process and materials.  Attention to details such as the right vanadium in the steel grid for strength, Shot penning of grids to relieve stresses and heat treatment of the grids hardness.

These are some of the differences between CMD Winflex coupling and cheap imitations.


Winflex DG taper grid coupling is totally interchangeable with US standard grid couplings

Winflex DG FALK
2DG 1020T10
3DG 1030T10
4DG 1040T10
5DG 1050T10
6DG 1060T10
7DG 1070T10
8DG 1080T10
9DG 1090T10
10DG 1100T10
11DG 1110T10
12DG 1120T10
13DG 1130T10
14DG 1140T10
15DG 1150T10
16DG 1160T10
17DG 1170T10
18DG 1180T10
19DG 1190T10
20DG 1200T10

Bore Capacity: 28mm > 360mmmm

Nominal Torque: 52Nm > 186,000Nm


Winflex Replaceable Hub Tooth Rings

Unique to the Winflex range is the replaceable Tooth Ring set up for size 15, 16,17,18,19 & 20.

This allows the removal of only the worn parts during maintenance: Tooth Rings and Grids.  Eliminating the expensive replacement of hubs for no reason.

  • Cost analysis show a reduction on average of 38% in change out costs compared to standard hub coupling.
  • Tooth rings kits comprising two rings and replacement grids are 85-89% lighter than standard hubs and grid kits.
  • Massive savings in transport cost.
  • Reduced Occupational Heath and Safety risked .

Call us to learn more about the Winflex Tooth Ring system.

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