ESCO-FIL Cooling Tower Couplings

ESCO-FIL is a state of the art disc type flexible coupling designed for cooling tower coupling applications.

Designed for extended life and built from advanced composite material that confer unparalleled light weight, high strength, corrosion and ultra-violet resistance.

ESCO-FIL couplings have been designed with the customer interest in mind and provides significant benefits over alternative transmission solutions.

Ease of installation

  • 25% of the weight of steel.
  • Does not require use of crane for mounting.
  • Flexible elements have high misalignment capacity which facilitates assembly of the coupling on the installation.
  • Flexible elements are unitised; No washers or any other hardware to mess with during installation or maintenance.

Extended life & low cost of ownership

  • Superior strength & endurance.
  • Designed for infinite life.
  • High corrosion resistance.
  • Lubricant free.
  • Light weight: Coupling does not require intermediate bearing supports.View Post
  • Strong influence and installation life extension.

Strong influence on installation life extension

  • Advanced composite materials.
  • Light weight; Low coefficient of thermal expansion reduces vibrations and the load on the bearings by up to 80%.


  • 316 Marine grade stainless steel.


    • Floating spacer built from carbon or glass(e-glass) fibers.
    • Composite material integrated into epoxy.
    • Carbon black additive into epoxy resin to provide Ultra-Violet protection.


  • High-strength disc links & steel bushings, encapsulated in polyurethane.Single flexible element eliminated fretting corrosion.
  • Ease of handling & installation.


  • Entirely made out of composite material.
  • Interface with spacer has been developed to maximise the longevity of the coupling.

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