Electronic displays

MagLine magnetic displays for precise visualization of measured values

The displays for magnetic measuring systems have been purpose-designed for connection to passive MagLine magnetic sensors. Together with the magnetic sensors and magnetic tapes or magnetic rings the magnetic displays form a self-contained measuring system for direct display of measured values.

Measuring displays for incremental measurement as well as absolute and quasi-absolute measurement

Suitable measuring displays are available for incremental, absolute and quasi-absolute measuring methods. On the last version the power supply is ensured by an integrated battery with a very long service life. With the battery buffer the measurement values are not lost, even when the power supply is interrupted. The displays vary between LED and LCD displays, whereby some have a very low consumption and a high contrast.

When selecting the display, pay attention to the following parameters:

  • Accuracy class
  • Resolution
  • Display with either five, six or twelve digits; some also with decimal and fractions/inches output
  • Optional feature on some displays: Serial interface

Some displays work with a magnetic sensor that is already firmly connected. This results in a compact component which already contains all necessary measuring functions and that can be used directly at the measurement point. A plug connection between the display and magnetic sensor is sometimes also possible.

Displays in the MagLine product families

The MagLine displays are assigned to the various product families of the MagLine range. MagLine Macro is a special product for very long measuring distances: In this case the SIKO displays are not used directly at the site, but the magnetic sensors support signal evaluations via digital outputs and forward the signals to downstream electronic units or higher level control units.

Note: Measurement displays are part of the MagLine product range.

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