EAS Compact Torque Limiter

The backlash-free, load disconnecting torque limiting clutch.


If the set limit torque is exceeded, the clutch disengages. The torque drops immediately. A mounted limit switch registers the disengagement movement and switches off the drive. The limit switch signal can also be used for further control functions.

After the malfunction has been rectified, the EAS®-Compact® ratchetting clutches and the EAS®-Compact® synchronous clutches automatically re-engage.  EAS®-Compact® overload clutches separate the input and the output side completely and remain in this state until they are intentionally re-engaged by hand or via a suitable device.

  • Instant separation on overload
  • Permanent backlash-free torque transmission
  • Readable torque adjustment
  • Synchronous, ratcheting and overload designs
  • Favorable torque curve in the drive line on overload
  • High performance density
  • Construction type “short hub” also available in rustproof design and in sealed design

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